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The Integrated ESG Approach

Production, distribution and consumption within the food and beverage sector are experiencing major shifts.

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Technology Outlook 2030

That technology development is accelerating is a given, but its digitalized, non-linear and global scale beg the questions: Which technologies matter? How can you optimally prepare for 2030?

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Marine Aquaculture Forecast

Explore how and where marine aquaculture production will develop and meet growing demand through to 2050

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ViewPoint - Food safety: What’s next to assure its future

DNV and The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) partnered to investigate trends in food safety.

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ViewPoint - What matters to consumers when buying food & beverage products?

Food safety is clearly the primary concern for consumers, and they tend to trust brands to provide it.

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ViewPoint - Is your supply chain fit for the future?

Almost 9 in 10 companies feel pressure for a more sustainable supply chain, and the pressure is mainly driven by customer demands, while regulators/authorities and corporate policies are also having an impact.

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ViewPoint - How are companies transitioning towards the circular economy?

A circular economy represents a departure from traditional manufacture and consumption patterns.

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ViewPoint - What matters to consumers in the circular transition?

That there is a need to transition to a more sustainable way of life is perhaps not in question but whether the world is moving fast enough is.

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ViewPoint - Competitive advantage through supply chain resilience

The pandemic has challenged supply chains worldwide. Manufacturing-based companies suffer from lack of demand, while food and ICT service companies are challenged with over demand, for example.