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This year we made public close to 70 publications; flagship reports, forecasts and papers.

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Energy Transition Outlook 2022

Discover DNV's latest Energy Transition Outlook, presenting the results from our independent model of the world’s energy system. It covers the period through to 2050 and forecasts the energy mix, supply and demand globally and in 10 world regions.

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Hydrogen Forecast to 2050

This dedicated hydrogen forecast to 2050 provides new and expanded hydrogen findings from DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook forecast model

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Energy transition: The impact of the Ukraine war

As Europe struggles to build energy security in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, uncertainty looms on many fronts.


Transport in Transition

The Transport in Transition report addresses the vast changes in electrification, fuels, and infrastructure to 2030 and to 2050. This fuel-centric forecast sets out DNV’s best estimates on the availability, costs, policy drivers, and likely uptake of decarbonization options in the transport sectors. It also outlines the decline in demand for and use of fossil fuel sources in shipping, aviation and road transport. The report is part of DNV's Energy Transition Outlook series.

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Federated Health Data Networks

In order to identify the challenges, needs and opportunities of FHDNs, DNV’s Healthcare research programme hosted a workshop bringing together global FHDN pioneers at the forefront of establishing and operating FHDNs. This whitepaper summarizes the main discussion of the workshop.

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