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With the rapid rise of renewables, decentralization and digitalization facing the industry, we help utility companies respond to emerging opportunities, to ensure continued grid reliability and resiliency through responsible and sustainable operations.

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  • Power and renewables

Energy Transition Outlook 2019

Power supply and use

  • Power and renewables

Digitalization and the Future of Energy Management

An industry study that goes beyond the hype — to find out how to create value by combining digital technology, people and business strategy

  • Utilities

Utility-scale solar PV: from big to biggest

The world is electrifying. The share of electricity in the total energy mix will more than double to 45% by 2050. Renewable energy, led by solar photovoltaic (PV), will supply that growth and replace much of today’s fossil-fuel generated electricity. The reason? Cost.

  • Governments

Best practices for sustainability, climate action and resilience

Traditional utilities and energy providers explore new opportunities with cities to achieve environmental sustainability, energy security, resilience and economic development. Read our report to gain insight into the actions of this transition.

  • Utilities

Renewables + storage = resilience

The primary task of electricity grid operators around the world is to ensure that energy gets from the source of generation to the end users safely, reliably, and affordably. But as the generation mix changes from predictable fossil fuels to intermittent renewable sources, how can we ensure the reliability of grids?

  • Utilities

Small Scale Solar + Storage Strategies can Stretch Beyond the Utility Bill to Provide Grid Services and Enhance Value to Customers

DNV’s ‘Strategies for Success in Small Scale Solar + Storage’ report provides new approaches to increase solar + storage project margins, reduce costs and support market growth.

  • Utilities

Electric vehicles - The merger of the automotive and energy industry

Electric Vehicles as a game changer for the utility business?

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