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DNV-RP-J203 Geological storage of carbon dioxide

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Edition 2019-09 - Amended 2021-09

This recommended practice (RP) provides users with systematic procedures and performance requirements for assessing and verifying the suitability of storage sites and projects for environmentally safe, long-term geological storage of injected CO2 streams. This includes assessment and verification of monitoring and risk management plans tailored to the characteristics of each storage site.

The RP applies the principles of technology qualification given in DNV-RP-A203 to managing the technical risks related to CO2 geological storage. Technology qualification is a methodology developed by DNV for reducing the risk and uncertainty associated with implementation of new technology. 

This RP defines performance requirements and procedures for the following:

  • the selection and qualification of geological storage sites for long-term storage of CO2
  • the documentation of storage site characterization and storage site development plans as a basis for permit applications/reviews
  • risk management throughout life cycle of CO2 geological storage projects, from initial screening and storage site selection through to storage site closure and preparation for post-closure stewardship
  • monitoring and storage performance verification
  • well assessment and management planning
  • storage site closure and preparation for post-closure stewardship.

Where the term CO2 is used in the guideline, it assumes that carbon dioxide is pressurized; may or may not contain water; exists either as a liquid, super critical fluid or a gas; and also includes carbon dioxide dissolved in water contained in the injection zone.

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