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Jan-Olaf Probst

Jan-Olaf Probst

Business Director Container Ships

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DNV is the leading classification society for containerships, providing a dedicated rule set and full service for the entire ship lifecycle. We are there for you from the first design approval to smart ship building projects and seamless ship in operation services with our containership experts and state-of-the-art digital solutions.

Amid a constantly changing regulatory environment, we work closely with both ship owners and operators to find optimal practical solutions to specific challenges, providing a rule set and comprehensive range of services from newbuilding design and construction and throughout a vessel’s operational life, including potential retrofits.

Enhancing efficiency

The biggest headache most containerships owners face today – especially in the case of newbuilding plans – are what fuels and emissions-reduction technologies to implement in order to future proof their assets. We provide trusted support in all such decision-making, bringing our experience to bear to ensure you choose the optimal solution for your specific trade.

End-to-end service provider

Our top priority is to support your efforts to increase efficiency, sustainability and commercial success amid a constantly changing regulatory environment. We analyze fleets and operational profiles to elaborate suggestions for implementing new regulations, optimizing vessel and operational performance, planning newbuilds, mitigating risks, digital solutions and enhancing business operations.

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Contact us:

Jan-Olaf Probst

Jan-Olaf Probst

Business Director Container Ships

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A step change in fire safety on board containerships

CONTAINER | A new class notation from DNV attests to special fire detection and firefighting measures implemented on board a containership. The notation was first given to the 23k class MSC FEBE, the winner of the 2020 Seatrade Shanghai “Ship of the Year” award.

  • Maritime

Methanol as an alternative fuel for container vessels

CONTAINER | DNV has added a new chapter to its document “Alternative Fuels for Containerships” exploring methanol as a potential ship fuel in light of the IMO decarbonization goals.

  • Maritime

Containership 2050: When the box becomes the customer

CONTAINER | What could a sophisticated data- and analytics-driven supply chain in the container segment look like? Jan-Olaf Probst, Business Director – Containerships at DNV, shares a possible future of a fully digitalized and decarbonized market and what it will take to get there.

  • Maritime

New DNV anti-roll app helps avoid container loss

CONTAINER | Synchronous or parametric rolling occurs suddenly and is hard to control. DNV’s new Anti-Roll Assist app now allows captains to recognize and avoid the risk before it becomes a threat.


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Decarbonize shipping

The pressure is on for the maritime industry to decarbonize. To help navigate these complex challenges, DNV has gathered up-to-date information to help turn uncertainty into confidence.

  • Maritime

Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index

The EEXI is to be verified and a new Energy Efficiency Certificate issued no later than the first annual IAPP survey on or after 1 January 2023

  • Maritime

Maritime cyber security

Why cyber security is essential for the different maritime stakeholders – watch the video and explore ISM guidance, FAQs and more

  • Maritime

Alternative Fuels for Containerships: Methanol and LNG

Download your copy of the second version of our series, now updated to include methanol

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